That Time of The Year

Tis the season to be jolly! However, not everyone feels the same joy as others and need a little extra motivation.

Seasonal Depression happens to many individuals and usually occurs around the same time every year. The time of year when it is usually dark and gloomy outside and mainly through the winter and fall season, which is consequently surrounding around the holidays. A percentage of American adults tend to experience this type of depression during the colder seasons. Seasonal depression can cause individuals to become dejected and moody, leading to less motivation to exceed on doing anything beneficial for themselves. Symptoms usually consisting of loss of interest in favorite activities and sleeping more.

A few ways to decrease the likeness of obtaining Seasonal Depression are staying active and increasing the intake of healthy food choices. Being consistent in keeping your body moving and energized helps promote a happier mind and having a good balance in nutritional eating habits promotes wellness. Things upon this nature helps to diffuse the opportunity for ulterior thoughts and sadness to settle in. Another way is to keep around the people who inspire and promotes happiness and joy. This will create a positive, motivating environment that is needed to help combat the likes of sadness seeping into the lives of many around the holiday season and New Year.

Everyone has those times where they do not feel the best, but keeping your mind sharp and your body energized will create a positive environment to avoid the likes of depression settling in.

Have a great Holiday and stay tune for our New Year, Reset blog coming soon!

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